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IMGCA Certification Application

  This is the form for applying for IMGCA Certification by mail. If you prefer to sign up online, go to our Online Certification Application Form.

Please print this page or copy it into your word processor, then fill it out and mail it to IMGCA. (See below for address.)

A star to the left of an item indicates a required entry.

  Name ______________________________________

  Address _________________________________

  City, State, Zip _____________________________
    Country _________________________________

  Phone __________________________________

  Email address ________________________________
    Website ________________________

  Check certification level desired:
  _____ Level I Certified Mental Game Instructor
  _____ Level II Certified Mental Game Coach
  _____ Level III Certified Mental Game Master Coach
  _____ Level IV Certified Mental Game Professional Coach
  _____ Level to be determined after consultation

Refer to IMGCA Certification for prices and additional details.

    What are your motivations and reasons for wanting to be certified by the IMGCA?

    Please describe your background as an athlete, mind-body disciplines, or in movement. Include all activities you have participated in, and the various levels, with specific examples of achievements.

    If you are not a coach or teacher, and may qualify for candidacy under the other categories listed, please describe your background in sports, physical education or other mind-body disciplines. Include all disciplines you have been involved with, how you have been involved and the various levels, with specific examples of achievements.

    Describe your training, coursework or background in the mental game field. How are you currently applying mental game coaching principles to your work?

    Please note that the application must have both of the following boxes checked to be valid.

  I have selected the type of certification I want.

  I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the IMGCA certification programs and to the terms and conditions of using the IMGCA web site.

Privacy notice:
The information submitted on this application is used only for IMGCA purposes. At no time will we share any of this information with any other person or company.

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