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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Bowling


The Mental Game of Bowling

Mark D. Williams

This is an approach to the mental game of bowling. In the sports world it is known that the mental outlook is very important for success. This is true not only in sporting events, but in all aspects of life. There are several ways to achieve this positive outlook. The following are just a few. I believe that it takes a combination of these mental techniques to achieve success. Please be aware that there are many methods to the mental game.

Here Is an Outline of a Few Approaches.

1. Visualization - Visualize how you are going to roll your bowling ball in your pre-shot routine, kind of like a video or a mental picture or image.

2. Relaxation Or Self-Hypnosis - This is one of the techniques that I feel is the root of all mental approaches like a basis for the mental game. There are several methods for this available.

3. Concentration - Here is a technique I use as a pre-shot warm up. I pick out one of the dots on the approach, then stare or focus on it briefly until I can only concentrate on the dot. When I know that I can fully focus on the dot I know that I can focus on my spot or mark on the bowling lane. At this point I know that my mind is clear, focused, and I can concentrate.

4. Subliminal - I use subliminal tapes or CD's in combination with relaxation or self-hypnosis. I have found only a couple of places to get these tapes or CD's. With subliminal tapes you listen to music to distract your outer mind, while behind the music or in the background are positive suggestions for your inner mind to pick up on. If you cannot find these tapes or CD's that are specifically for bowling use some that are for self-confidence.

These are just a few of many techniques for the mental game of not just bowling but other sports as well.

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