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IMGCA Article - Championship Thinking


Two Powerful Words

Michael A. Verdicchio

"I will." Those two words boldly declare power, determination and vigor. "I will." Those two words describe strength and decision.

"I will" shouts victory loud enough to drown out the cries of difficulty. "I will" overpowers discouragement with accomplishment.

"I will" is mastery over adversity. "I will" conquers complications, annihilates dilemmas, and sweeps away obstacles. Those two little words, "I will," resonate power.

And the opposite, as you might well imagine, are the two words "I cannot." Those two words timidly speak of lack, indecision, and weakness. "I cannot" only sees difficulty and can never see victory.

"I cannot" is discouragement with no possible accomplishment. "I cannot" is mastery over nothing but failure. "I cannot" is drowning in dilemmas and obstacles and sees no way out.

In your vocabulary, do you say, "I will," or do you say, "I cannot?"

Take care to not confuse "I will" with "I can." They are not the same, and are often in fact very far apart. For example, if you wait until you think you can accomplish something, you will not get it done. In fact, you will never even start.

There are many who have the ability to accomplish great things but never get around to saying, "I will." You might be the greatest carpenter that ever lived and have the finest tools on the market. It may be impressive to others for you to say, "You name it and I can build it!" However, you will never build a single thing until you say, "I will build!"

What, then, if you have no ability as a carpenter but possess a great desire to build? You will set your own course by saying either "I cannot build," or "I will learn." "I cannot" simply says that there is no way, while, "I will" emphatically declares that there is a way and you will find it.

Once again, it becomes so clear and obvious: that which comes out of your mouth is an excellent indicator of what's going on inside your mind. What so many people don't realize about this is that every time you make a statement, you hear it, and it augments and fortifies it in your mind.

"I will" or "I cannot" - they each determine the path you have chosen to travel. They indicate your choice for failure or defeat.

But what about, "I'll try?" Doesn't that indicate some persistence and positive direction? No, it doesn't. "I'll try" is simply "I cannot" in disguise. Even the phrase "I'm going to try really, really hard" stills lacks a decisive commitment to success and victory.

Suppose you've always wanted to run in a marathon. You can say, "I think I'll try to get in shape for the marathon." You might even say, "I'm really going to try to get into shape and be ready for the upcoming marathon." Those phrases may sound nice and noble, but they leave the door wide open to quit and give up, do they not?

On the other hand, when you state emphatically, "I will get into shape and I will run in the upcoming marathon," you have clearly stated your intentions and there are no options. You have made a commitment. "I will!" Do you see the difference? It genuinely is a significant difference.

God never made a failure, so don't accept failure by saying, "I cannot." Don't leave the door wide open to quit by saying, "I'll try." With God's help you don't need to settle for "try."

Decide and determine that you will, and He will help you. He will guide you. He will direct your paths. Decide that you will and He will be there with you every single step of the way.

Copyright © 2006, 2007 Michael A. Verdicchio

Michael A. Verdicchio is a husband, father, minister, and broadcaster. He has been the voice on numerous productions over the years. Michael is the author and producer of "Inspirational Pep Talks", available at . For a free subscription to THE PEP LETTER go to

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