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How To Stay Motivated And Enthusiastic About Your Exercise Routine

Tina Titas

Sticking to your exercise routine can be quite difficult, especially after you have been doing the same exercises for some time. Here are some tips to keep you motivated and excited about exercise and the benefits it brings you.

A good way to stay motivated is to constantly remind yourself about the benefits of exercise and remember that the trade-off for your hard work and determination is improved health and a better body. Exercise brings psychological benefits as well. Along with a healthy body, you will develop a healthier mind and attitude. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and depression. Once you begin to see the results that regular exercise gives you, the results themselves will become a motivating factor.

Setting realistic goals is another way to stay motivated. As you reach each of your goals one by one, you will be motivated to reach the next goal. If your goal is to lose a specific amount of weight or reduce your body fat percentage, with each milestone you achieve you will find added desire to achieve another. Be realistic in the goals you set for yourself and give yourself a reward for each goal you reach. Also, make each of your short-term goals a stepping-stone to a set of larger goals. It is very rewarding to be able to measure the progress you are making.

Make your exercise routine fun by including friends and family, adding variety, and creating a fun atmosphere in which to exercise. Some upbeat music and some companionship will do wonders for your desire to continue on the path to better health. Fight discouragement by reminding yourself of how far you have some and how much you have increased your fitness and stamina levels. Schedule your workout for times in which you are the least pressured and stressed.

By allowing yourself adequate time to exercise and rest afterwards, you will not become discouraged as easily. Having a friend to exercise with will also make you somewhat accountable for completing your exercise routine as scheduled.

As you begin to reach your fitness goals, buy yourself a new outfit in a smaller size or treat yourself to an evening out at a movie, special dinner, or play. You will look forward to the rewards you allow yourself after reaching each of your goals and you will stay motivated so that you can obtain the next reward. A great motivator is to notice your clothes becoming looser as you progress in your exercise routine. There is nothing that gives greater satisfaction than replacing your clothes with clothing in a smaller size.

You can remain excited and motivated to continue with your exercise routine if you remember why you began exercising in the first place and allow yourself a few special treats as you obtain the results you desire.

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