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The Inner Game Of Attitude

Karen Lynch

We've all heard time and again that "Attitude is everything".

In this life we're all playing a mental game and a physical game. The mental game consists of the thoughts and feelings that we have, our attitudes and beliefs. The physical game is the obvious game that we all see. It's the work we do, the actions we take and the way we present ourselves to the world. The physical game is the game we show the world, but the mental game is the most important facet of our successes.

The people who succeed in this life are the people who know that they can and that they will. Take a look at your favorite athlete. The ones that win the game are the ones that have that unshakeable belief that they will win. Call it confidence, call it arrogance but the athletes with the winning edge all have that attitude. They have their inner mental game down and it's as practiced as their physical game, even though some may do it unconsciously.

When you approach your task with unstoppable confidence, unshakeable beliefs and unflinching determination to succeed that is exactly what you do. You succeed.

When you approach your task with doubt, misgivings and ambiguity, that is exactly what you create -- doubt, misgivings, and ambiguity -- but definitely not success. If we are to find the success we are looking for we must attend to our mental game. We must develop the unstoppable confidence, unshakeable beliefs and unflinching determination that can and will give us the winning edge.

So how do you go about creating this winning mental game? You need to study success.

Learn all that you can about your endeavors. Knowing all of the ins and outs of your game can do wonders for your confidence. You need to set goals. Having a target to shoot for keeps you going when times are not easy.

And you need to find some way to develop the thoughts and beliefs that you will need. Affirmations can help with this but only if you put emotions into your affirmations. When you are working with affirmations repetition is necessary too. You can't just say it once or twice and expect it to sink into your subconscious mind. A good affirmation bears repeating again and again and again.

And this one is really big -- Visualize. See your success in your mind's eye. See it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it. In other words, engage your senses in your imagination as you visualize. The more senses you engage the more real it becomes. The more real it becomes the closer it is to manifesting in your real life. So daydream. Visualize. Imagine your success down to the most intricate detail. This is your creation.

This is your manifestation. This is your Success. Get your Inner Game of Attitude down and you will come out a winner.

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