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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Martial Arts


Win Your MMA Fight - Master The Mental Game In 3 Steps

Buster Nelson

The feeling we get when adrenalin runs through our blood and no one can beat us is a feeling that you can achieve all the time. The confidence of it is what we're mostly aiming for. When there are a few weeks to go before your first fight one of the most important things to have is faith. Here are some steps that can get you there.

Set Goals.

Obviously your number one goal is to win the fight. What about breaking it down into easily attainable chunks? Your goals achieved in training can directly reflect how you're going to fight. Try writing out your goals in detail that brings all your senses into it. What is the sound of your knee crunching into your opponent's face? Or what does it feel like to slam your opponent's back to the mat? The more clarity you have, the more power is in your court.

Realize Your Achievements.

Every time you're in doubt, run through all the mini goals that you've achieved and reflect how you felt. This is much easier now because you've actually got them in writing to look back on. When you're training, you'll take better account of the faster you're putting combinations together or executing a specific submission.

Believe in Yourself.

When entering the cage you have nothing better to do but believe in your abilities and how you're going to be victorious. There should be no way that anything can make you think that you're going to lose this fight, because in your mind you are now the best fighter in the world.

There is obviously much more to the fight game than simply joining a club and taking classes each week and sign up for a fight. Training the mental side of things can get you much farther than anything. Find an MMA training program that has specific focus on this to elaborate on the training you don't get from instructors at you training club.

90% of people will never take action towards actually learning skills outside their local martial arts club. This is what sets champions apart from amateurs. If you're part of the 10% that likes to take action, take advantage of a FREE MMA training package at to get an edge on your fight game. Limited Time Offer...Hurry.

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