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Essential Factors in Women's Self Defense

Paul Smiley

Criminals are more intelligent than we give them credit for when it comes to their choice of victims. They do not typically choose a victim at random, but rather when they see a good opportunity available to them. It's the same scenario as the low hanging fruit or the mentality of a predator when he sees an injured animal in the wild. They will prey on those who are vulnerable, unaware, or viewed as an uncomplicated target. If you act as if you are familiar with your surroundings, show strength, and walk with confidence, a criminal will not want to put in the extra effort to fight you.

Keep your attention on everyone around you. Do not assume that a well-dressed gentleman cannot be an attacker. If someone is approaching you in a confronting manner, look them square in the eye, and yell "Stop" or "Go Away". Almost every assailant that has agreed to an interview says that they will not pursue a woman if she shows self-confidence and the mental fortitude to fight back.

Verbal self-defense is a very strong weapon and many who have used this as part of their strategy say it was very effective when used in a strong and assertive voice. Using pepper sprays, stun guns and other such personal defense weapons can work in the same manner. Just by pointing it at an attacker and telling him you have the device can neutralize the situation.

Self-defense items are very valuable in addition to right mindset. However, it's important that you practice and have the item available. In some cases, the element of surprise is the best advantage with a defense product. If you would like to see the full range and types of self-defense products available, there is a very good site at .

If you decide to use pepper spray or tear gas, practice a few times on a tree or similar target. It's important to know how far and wide the spray will go with your particular model. If you are using a stun gun, practice how you can position it and how to hold it firmly. Stun guns in particular can deter an attacker by simply firing a short blast in the air. The higher-powered models will blast a bright electrical arch and create a very menacing sound.

Understanding how verbal self-defense works is necessary whether or not you choose to use additional self-defense products. The power of your voice shows your confidence, willingness to defend yourself and your commitment to use any item you have. If you do choose a personal protection item, it's important to check with your local law enforcement to see which products are legal in your area. Fortunately, most states allow some type of defense product for personal use.

Paul Smiley is a contributing member of Staff Patrol's security products and services. Staff Patrol offers preemployment screening, criminal investigative services and a host of personal defense products. For more information, contact or visit

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