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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Meditation


One Meditation Mistake People Make

Heather Dominick

The point is to achieve a sense of being centered and letting go of every day concerns.

How do I DO that?

This can be done in many ways: reciting words or mantras, controlling breathing patterns or engaging in physically active meditations such as yoga or trance dance.

Don't have time for any of that?

Take what you do have time for and what WORKS for you. Meditating is simply taking a moment to BE. A big mistake that a lot of people make is making meditation a big deal and then not doing anything at all.

Let's break it down:

Reciting words or mantras: feeling stressed, anxious, upset? Take note of that and then use a phrase that works for you. One of my favorites, "You will be fine." Take a moment to listen to the thought that works for you and then move onto your task. It is the moment that has the power more than the actual phrase.

Controlling breathing patterns: just breathe. Ever notice when someone says the word "breathe," you do? Try it. That right there is controlling your pattern. Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. You just meditated.

Physically active meditations: modalities like yoga and trance dance are wonderful if they work for you, but want to know what is really meditative for me? Swimming. Love it. I get more from doing laps in my little NYC gym pool than any yoga class could give me right now. There was a time when I did yoga twice a week, but right now the thought of getting to a class stresses me out. It is always about finding what works for you. Just find it.

Modern science has shown that relaxation of the mind has a healing effect on the body, helping people to reduce stress and, as a result, prevent disease - even something as simple as a cold.

How is this possible?

In a meditative state, metabolic processes, including respiration and blood flow, slow down. Key words - SLOW DOWN.

That's it.

Meditation does not need to take an enormous amount of time. It only takes conscious effort. You need only take five minutes to slow down, focus on the center of your body and let the rest of the moment happen.

If you would like a more focused approach, try this:

Meditation Exercise

1. Sit in a comfortable position that allows you to relax. Dim the lights and light a candle. Concentrate on the flame.

2. Relax and breathe softly and slowly through your nose (breathing through the nose keeps energy and warmth contained within the body). Concentrate on how your abdomen rises and falls with your breath. If you are breathing through your chest try to drop your breath into the belly. Placing a hand on your stomach may help with this.

3. Allow your thoughts to wander, calmly. Welcome every new thought, but do not dwell on it. Keep your eyes focused on the candle and let everyday thoughts drop away. Do this for as short or as long as you desire.

Where do the lemons come in?

Just as Meditation can help to put health back on track so can one special fruit: the lemon.

Did you know that the lemon actually functions as a buffer in the body and can reduce hyperactivity in the stomach? How about that the lemon stimulates the production of enzymes and digestive juices in the mucous membrane of the stomach, enhancing the absorption of iron and calcium of other foods? What about the fact that it helps to cleanse the body by promoting perspiration?

All of this will give you an increase in centered-focus and have you feeling more relaxed.

Here are some ways to use this powerful fruit:

1. To alleviate sore throat and hoarseness squeeze one lemon and dilute the juice with one cup of hot water. Gargle three times a day with the diluted juice.

2. Relieve joint and nerve pain by grating the skin from 1 lemon, being careful to get only the yellow layer, not the white underneath. Rub the grated peel onto the sore parts of the body and then wrap with a cloth or bandage. Keep in place for about 1 hour.

3. To reduce fever, coughs and asthma pour one cup of boiling water over 3 tsp. of dried lemon leaves and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Sweeten with honey. Drink two to three cups a day.

Heather Dominick, "The Energy Expert" is an energy~nutrition specialist with over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience. Heather's primary focus is in helping women identify nutritional sources for increasing physical energy and making permanent lifestyle changes. To sign up to receive your own 20 minute Energy Make-over, for her freebie how-to articles and no-charge teleclasses on creating your most energized life, visit

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