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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Meditation


You Can Propel Yourself To Success
With The Power Of Your Mind

Abbas Abedi

Whatever the mind can believe, the mind can achieve. - Napoleon Hill

It all starts with an intense belief that your goal can be achieved. It starts with the belief that it is possible to live a happy, abundant, and successful life full of vim and vigor according to your heart's desires.

To transform that dream into reality, you have to believe in yourself and in your capacity to attain it. The presence of such strong belief in mind and heart intensifies the emotion towards the achievement of the goals you have set in life. This intense belief then becomes the driving force that will lead you to success.

The intensity of emotion together with the belief in your capacity to achieve your goal will result to power, one that will propel you to surmount all obstacles, both the expected and unexpected. Sure, you will encounter roadblocks and all sorts of hindrances; but the intense belief that you will succeed no matter what, will clear the path all the way towards the achievement of your aspirations.

Think of yourself as an active volcano. A volcano has tremendous power coming from within. Understand that you have the power and you have what it takes in order to succeed. When you intensely believe you can, it simply means you can.

Still unconvinced of the effect of a strong belief? Let us try it in reverse. Think of something that you want to have or something that you really want to do. Establish an internal dialogue by saying this repeatedly: "I cannot do it. I cannot have it." Intensely believe you cannot do it. How do you feel? Sad? Afraid? Powerless? With that dialogue running in your mind, your actions will be geared towards failure since all your actions resonate with your belief.

Now, bring yourself back to the right frame by intensely believing you can successfully achieve your goals. Your course of action will be geared towards success. How you think and how you believe is how you will be.

For some, staying within the comfort zone or the status quo is the preferred option. Others find it easier not to do anything. Choose laziness and you will surely fail, for success requires action.

Action is required to overcome all sorts of resistance. In Physics, an object in motion will encounter resistance in the form of friction. You encounter all sorts of friction as you travel along the road to success. Your strong belief serves as gas that fuels your strong desire and drive through resistance.

Think of yourself as a rocket propelling and soaring to great heights. Overcome the force of gravity with your intense belief. Escape from the strong grasp of gravity through the initial propulsion represented by a very intense belief. As you reach a certain point, the pull of gravity becomes less as you go higher and higher in space.

Always use the power of imagery. Imagine the kind of life you aspire for. Expand your belief as you build the kind of life you dream of. Do not get distracted by what others have to say. Keep in mind that you are capable of overcoming them. Hold on to your aspirations and be flexible with your plans.

More importantly, intensely believe you can do it!

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