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Telephone or Face to Face Coaching?

Rhonda G Hess

When just starting a coaching business, coaches are often surprised that the majority of coaches offer their services by telephone. This industry is perfect for the virtual entrepreneur - someone who runs their business primarily from a home office using digital methods for coaching, putting on events, and marketing.

The Many Virtues of Virtual Coaching

1. International vs. Regional
With face-to-face coaching your clients must be in your region. Telephone coaching expands your territory to the whole world.

2. Higher income/less non-billable time
Due to cultural mores, when meeting face-to-face you'll add 10 - 20 minutes of non-billable time to each session. Gracious coming and going takes more time when in the same physical setting than just verbal hellos and goodbyes.

3. Low overhead
While some coaches do meet clients in their home offices, many opt for an office away from home to base their business in a metropolitan area with a more professional front. The cost of the lease combined with liability insurance significantly increases expenses, decreasing profitability.

4. Quicker intimacy
Because of the automatic boundary telephones provide, clients seem to more quickly trust and disclose private information to their coaches than they do in face-to-face coaching. Speaking right into each other's ears is quite intimate.

5. Increased effectiveness
I'm not sure why this is, but I've found that clients move further faster with weekly telephone coaching than with face-to-face sessions. I'm guessing it might have something to do with intensity and directness. There is more potential for distraction from the surroundings as well as the energetic strain of being in each other's presence. After telephone coaching I feel energized where face-to-face coaching seems to take something out of me.

6. Convenience
Clients can call you from where they are. They don't have to take much time from a busy day. If you're traveling, you can keep appointments with clients. Your business gains a freedom not possible when meeting face-to-face. I've coached far from my home base -during an extended Hawaiian vacation! I've heard of coaches who do their work from yachts and mobile homes as they travel around.

7. Deeper listening Masterful coaching requires listening on the deepest levels. When you limit your perception to verbal and energetic, you may develop greater depths in listening skills faster. I find I can hear body language through voice. I've done somatic coaching and other specialized practices originally designed for face-to-face work with great success by telephone.

Offer What You Want

To All that said, I acknowledge that some coaches may prefer face-to-face coaching. The most important thing is to offer only what you want to offer otherwise you'll find yourself dissatisfied with your business. There is no need to offer either telephone or face-to-face coaching if you'd prefer one or the other. Your clients will comply seeing that you run your business like a professional and your business will thrive.

Value Your Time

If you do offer face-to-face coaching consider charging about 25 - 30% more than you do for telephone coaching. To be financially successful in your coaching business, value your time highly. Because face-to-face coaching requires significantly more time than telephone coaching be sure your rates reflect the time dedicated to that service.

Similarly, if you travel to your client to coach, make sure your rates reflect all the time/expenses that go toward serving the client.

Rhonda Hess is a business success mentor coach for professional coaches and other entrepreneurs. Her new business, Prosperous CoachTM -- a professional development resource for coaches -- launches early 2007. To learn more and receive special offers, subscribe to Coaching from Center ezine

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