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Train Your Mind Daily

Hirini Reedy

Do you have a daily mind power routine? Many successful leaders, athletes, soldiers and even monks all have a daily mind power routine. Ghandi meditated. Napoleon visualised his battles. Nelson Mandela recited a special poem. Whether it is meditation, visualisation or prayer the main thing is to have a daily discipline that strengthens your mind. Something you practice daily to sharpen your spirit. To maintain your own inner clarity and serenity.

A daily mind power routine does not have to be overly complex or regimented. As long as you do it everyday. Small incremental actions performed over time add up to one huge result. One minute of visualisation performed every day strengthens your mental muscle more than one hour of visualisation performed every month. Repetition builds success.

Here are some key things for you to include in your daily mind routine.

1. Build Up Your Energy First.
You must build up your energy level first. Being tired and wasted actually weakens your mind. I build up my energy levels using deep breathing. I use a special umbilical breathing method where I hold the breath at the navel. I then do body movements that help move this breath energy out to the limbs. Usually it takes 1-2 minutes to energise and mentally charge myself up. Deep breathing combined with strong isometric movements is great way to energise your body quickly.

2. Focus on A Key Intention.
I then focus on a key intention. I picture it. I hear it. I think it. I speak it. I keep playing it over and over for a minute or two. Going over the key intention like a mental CD on automatic replay. Looping it around inside my head. So choose a key goal or intention that you wish to achieve. Go over it in your mind. Imagine it happening right now.

3. Mix The Key Intention With Hot Energy.
I like to mix my key intention with the hot energy from my breathing. I also remember successful memories from the past. Winning my class prize. Getting my Army officer commission. Galloping my horse. I quickly mix these warm fuzzy feelings with my key intention. This "cooks" the key intention and makes it a lot sweeter and mouth-watering.

4. Let It Simmer On Subconscious.
Once I have cooked the key intention, I then just leave it to simmer on subconscious. I forget about it and go about my day. I trust that the creative power has been activated and bubbling away quietly without my conscious worrying.

It normally takes me 5-10 minutes to go through this whole mind menu. I also include parts of it in some of my other activities. When I am exercising and running up a hill, I use the hill to train my mind. I associate a goal or key intention with running up the hill. When I get over the hill, I connect its accomplishment to my goal. This helps me to keep my mind focussed on the goal like a boxer training for a world championship bout.

So find ways you can use your daily life to strengthen your mind, body and spirit. Use your fitness workouts, morning walks or doing the ironing as ways to build strong attitude and mindfulness. You will see a marked improvement in the way you meet life's challenges.

Hirini Reedy is a former military officer, martial arts founder and NLP mind coach. He combines ancient Maori wisdom with modern insights. Learn about intuition and mental toughness at

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