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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Selling


Fear Of Prospecting

The Mental Game You Must Overcome To Succeed In Sales

Heidi Black

No matter your type of business, if you are in sales, you are required to do some form of 'Prospecting' for leads and customers. If you have been around a while, then you may be very comfortable with generating new business. But for most, especially 'newbies' to any business or company in the sales industry, prospecting is enough to make you quit before you have even made your first sale!

However we all understand that prospecting is absolutely necessary to build any business. So why is it that this basic task becomes so overwhelming? And how can you begin to master the mental or 'psychological' game of prospecting?

There are many reasons we dread prospecting; namely life experiences that taught us to fear new challenges, especially those involving other people! As an entrepreneur for nearly a decade, I have experienced this Fear of Prospecting first hand, in several arenas: Network Marketing, Direct Sales and as a Realtor. I can remember in my earlier days as an entrepreneur, the roller coaster of emotions involved in simply picking up the phone to call leads. If you are newer to sales, maybe you can relate? While at the same time, I understood that if I did not take the time to call these potential customers back, somebody else would... so if I was going to be successful in any form of sales, I would have to get over myself and learn to be comfortable with prospecting!

For every person, this process of breaking through to success in prospecting, and ultimately business building, is different. We are affected by circumstances that go back to childhood in many cases feelings of unworthiness, fear of not fitting in, fear of rejection and so many other deep rooted feelings. Prospecting has a crazy way of throwing all those fears and hurts you thought you had overcome years ago right back in your face! So I wish I had an easy formula on 'how to' overcome this Fear of Prospecting. But ultimately, the bottom line is you have got to do something! Keep growing, getting outside your comfort zone. At the end of the day, if you are not willing to seek out mentors, folks that have proven themselves in the areas you want to be successful, to learn from them and implement what is working for them, you may not be cut out for sales at all. There are plenty of good trainers, mentors and resources available to develop your skills and equip you to become an effective communicator, prospector and business builder.

If you are new to sales of any kind, here are some resources to get you started toward learning from some of my mentors and developing your prospecting skills to overcome your fears and ultimately build a thriving & profitable business!

These folks have been an integral part of my (and many, many others) development as an entrepreneur by way of General Business Equipping, for Salespeople of all kinds... Network Marketers, Realtors, Business to Business Sales, plus anyone who wants to improve their communication and overcome fear of all kinds Again, this is just a handful of trainers and mentors that are available to you... and a lot of their training and valuable information is free...

Search these folks online to find their valuable sites: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dani Johnson, Jeffrey Combs, James A. Ray, Matthew Ferry, Todd Falcone, Brian Tracy, Lisa Jimenez, Jerry Clark, John Dilemme.

I could go on -- but this will give you a good starting point! Enjoy!

Heidi Black and husband, Brad, have proven themselves as entrepreneurs, both online and offline. Their love for people and marketing drew them to the Internet, where they've partnered with top Internet marketers, to mentor others to achieve success and create long-lasting wealth. The Blacks reside in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Learn more about Brad & Heidi and how to overcome your Fear of Prospecting

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