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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Speaking and Presentations


Do You Have A Mental Game Plan For Becoming A Great Speaker?

Six Super Strategies To Get You Going

Bill Cole, MS, MA

Do you know what it takes to become a top-performing speaker? Do you wonder how the best platform professionals in the business deliver dazzling performances time and again?

Here are six peak performance strategies that can take you to the top of your game.

1. Discover The World Of Peak Performance And Mental Training. Learn from the best in other fields. Top athletes, soldiers, musicians, actors and artists use peak performance secrets that apply to speaking.

2. Set Up A Lifetime Coaching Program. Continuously work on yourself as a person. Strengthen your ability to handle adversity, be more fully human and to accept and honor all that life has to offer.

3. Expand And Sharpen Your Mental Game Toolkit.
This goes beyond stress management 101 - this is peak performance technology at its best. Learn what elite athletes, musicians and speakers do to operate at peak efficiency more of the time.

4. Love The Craziness Of The Speaking Business. Be determined that you will learn how to embrace stress, pressure and the unpredictable nature of the business of speaking. Top athletes crave pressure and rise to the occasion. You can too.

5. Align Your Values, Priorities And Life Goals With Your Message On The Platform. Walk the talk. Be genuine and transparent. Make your speaking an evangelical platform for your life's purpose and mission.

6. Have A Strategic Plan For Recovering From Challenging Events. The Pro Speaking Game is exhilarating yet energy-draining. Create a system for allowing your body and mind to heal itself regularly and to restore energy reserves so you can operate at peak more often.

Make a strategic game plan for becoming excellent on the platform. Work that plan on a consistent basis. You'll see your speaking improve steadily and soon your performances will be closer to the "greatness level" than you ever dreamed.

To learn more about how presentation coaching can help you become a better, more confident speaker, visit Bill Cole, MS, MA, the Mental Game Coach™ at

Copyright © Bill Cole, MS, MA 2005, 2008 All rights reserved.

This article covers only one small part of the mental game. A complete mental training program includes motivation and goal-setting, pre-event mental preparation, post-event review and analysis, mental strengthening, self-regulation training, breath control training, mental rehearsal, concentration training, pressure-proofing, communication training, confidence-building, breaking through mental barriers, slump prevention, mental toughness training, flow training, relaxation training, psych-out proofing and media training.

For a comprehensive overview of your mental abilities you need an assessment instrument that identifies your complete mental strengths and weaknesses. For a free, easy-to-take 66-item presentation skills assessment tool you can score right on the spot, visit This assessment gives you a quick snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses in your mental game. You can use this as a guide in creating your own mental training program, or as the basis for a program you undertake with Bill Cole, MS, MA to improve your mental game. This assessment would be an excellent first step to help you get the big picture about your mental game of speaking and giving presentations.

Bill Cole, MS, MA, a leading authority on peak performance, mental toughness and coaching, is founder and President of the International Mental Game Coaching Association, Bill is also founder and CEO of William B. Cole Consultants, a consulting firm that helps organizations and professionals achieve more success in business, life and sports. He is a multiple Hall of Fame honoree, an award-winning scholar-athlete, published book author and articles author, and has coached at the highest levels of major-league pro sports, big-time college athletics and corporate America. For a free, extensive article archive, or for questions and comments visit him at

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