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Lights Out, America!

Expert Tips on How to Get a Better Night of Sleep

(NewsUSA) - It's time to get serious about your sleep. If you are getting less than eight hours of sleep each night or need an alarm clock to wake up, you may be among the 82 million sleep-deprived Americans.

Everyone has different sleep needs, but the National Sleep Foundation recommends that most people get seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

However, it's not just the number of hours that count - it's also the quality of sleep. It's important to get an uninterrupted, restful night's sleep. Even if you're cheating on sleep to squeeze a few more hours into the day, or suffer from occasional sleeplessness - you can suffer from the consequences of not getting enough sleep.

"Good sleep strategies are essential for anyone wishing to have a restorative sleep and to feel energized day after day," said Dr. James B. Maas, author of "Power Sleep" and professor at Cornell University. "Inadequate sleep can affect not only your health, but your mood, creativity and productivity."

As daylight-saving time approaches, it is even more important to get a good night of sleep to make up for a lost hour. And in a call-to-action to help consumers understand the value of that extra hour of sleep, the makers of Tylenol® PM are offering a new tool to help: a free "Lights Out" calling service. By dialing (866) 448-9579, callers can sign up to receive sleep tips from Maas that will help shake them out of their sleep slump and remind them to get a good night's sleep. Consumers can also enter to win a custom designed sleep environment by Maas by visiting

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Dr. Maas' Expert Tips for a Better Night of Sleep

1. Keep a regular sleep schedule so you are going to bed and waking up the same time every day.

2. Reduce stress as much as possible.

3. Exercise to stay fit.

4. Stay physically and mentally active throughout the day to avoid boredom, a common cause of loss of sleep.

5. Eat a proper diet.

6. Reduce caffeine and nicotine intake 6 to 8 hours before bedtime.

7. Avoid alcohol near bedtime.

8. Maintain a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

9. Establish a bedtime ritual, such as reading before bed, which signals your body that it's time to sleep.

10. Try using a nighttime sleep aid, such as Simply Sleep™.

Or if you have pain with accompanying sleeplessness, try Tylenol® PM. Tylenol® PM is non-habit-forming and won't leave you groggy in the morning.

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