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IMGCA Article - Stress Management


Feeling Frazzled? Here's How To Cope

How to cope when feeling frazzled(NewsUSA) - How do you handle stress? Statistics show that many people don't cope well.

Americans are so stressed out that 75 percent to 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are stress-related, according to the American Institute of Stress, and the cost of stress on workers in the United States is reportedly $300 billion.

While stress is an inevitable and natural part of everyday life, excessive stress has been linked to an acceleration of the aging process, digestive and mental health problems and a host of other issues.

Clearly, it's important to take a timeout. While a week-long vacation may not always be possible, the following tips from Dolisos America Inc., a nutritional and pharmaceutical products company, offer some healthy alternatives for living a less-stressful life:

* Get a hug. New studies indicate that a brief hug or 10 minutes of hand holding by a spouse may greatly reduce the harmful effects of stress - especially if done before you go off to the office.

* Strive for balance. The abundance of cell phones, pagers and various other 21st century devices marketed to make our lives easier open people up to being available any time, anywhere, to anyone.

It's important to set a time to turn off these devices after the workday is over. When taking time off, leave the cell phone at home.

* Consider taking supplements. Certain over-the-counter supplements like Seriane, distributed by Dolisos, provide a natural way to relieve stress without some of the side effects, like weight gain and drowsiness, seen in some prescription medications. For more information on Seriane, call (800) 365-4767.

* Express yourself. Talking to someone, whether it's your spouse, a friend, a relative or a mental health professional, can help you deal with the stress in your life. If you don't feel comfortable confiding in someone, psychologists suggest keeping a journal or funneling feelings of stress into artistic and creative hobbies.

* Talk to your doctor. It's always a good idea to let your doctor know if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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