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IMGCA Article - Stress Management


What is Your Stress Tester?

James Monahan

Life can be one big stress.

Some people, however, have a higher stress tolerance than others. Some do not even feel the stress and the burn out until after years of work.

Still, it is important that people watch out for stress testers, signs and symptoms that a person is stressed out.

Though primarily not a medical condition, stress can cause physical ailments such as backaches, headaches and sometimes even constrictions and pains in the heart and the chest areas. If not taken cared of, stress can lead to the dissipation of energy level. Here are some of the stress testers that you should watch out for.

Stress Tester # 1
Memory lapses

One of the ultimate stress testers is the occasional memory loss. Stress robs people of their ability to concentrate and think. The brain is just tired even if the physical body is still in tip-top shape.

Memory lapses can come in different forms, from merely forgetting a word that you often use to completely forgetting the name of your boss! People who are stressed out are also known to leave or lose things in the office as well as forget appointments and phone calls that they should be making.

Stress Tester #2
Physical pains

As mentioned above, stress can manifest itself not only mentally but also physically. While the body is not really in pain, the already tired brain can send in mixed signals, ringing the alarm that you should already stop and take a breather. Some people would experience shortness of breath and the inability to breathe.

Others would experience chest pains. Headaches are also very common as the brain is the first to feel the pain. You will also find yourself with low energy level, being dog-tired all the time even if you had a good night's sleep.

Stress Tester #3
Temper Temper

Stress can make normally calm and collected people lash out in frustration and impatience. This is one of the classic stress tester. People who are already experiencing stress will have short tempers and are more often than not quick to anger. The brain is just so tired that they cannot take any more additional stress.

Stress Tester #4
Lackluster ideas

How can one think out of the box if your brain just could not think anymore? One of the tester of stress is the way people come up with ideas. Dry and ordinary ideas reflect stress especially from people who normally come out with creative solutions to problem.

This is why, some companies often treat their employees to getaways and vacations while brainstorming for a project that they are starting.

Stress Tester #5
Lack of interest

One tester of stress is waking up in the morning and seeing your work day in stress and you just don't want to get out of the bed and go to the office. If not for the visions of getting fired playing over and over your head, demons could not have dragged you out of the house and into your desk.

Another stress tester that you can do is to look at your interest level in what you are presently doing. If you find yourself not wanting what you are doing anymore or are already bored with everything, even the new stuff and fresh challenges, then you are already stressed out.

James Monahan is the owner and Senior Editor of and writes expert articles about testers.

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