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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Weight Control


Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Terje Ellingsen

Recent statistics (gathered by the NCHS) shows that 30 percent of American citizens from 20 years and above are obese. This counts more than 60 million people. We all know the consequences of being overweight; increased risk of diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes II and even cancer. The weight loss industry has grown tremendously in recent years and more and more obese people are trying out various weight loss programs or weight loss pills, most of them experiencing that it doesn't work in a sustainable way. But what about hypnosis for weight loss, can it really help?

Hypnosis in general is a very old method designed for speaking directly to our subconscious mind and thus modifying our behaviour. We know that hypnosis can have numerous other successful applications besides weight loss and the examples range from performance improvement for athletes and therapy for victims of abuse to curing diseases like ulcers, nausea, migraines, depression and anxieties, just to mention a few. But the question I'll try to answer is; could lose weight hypnosis be an alternative for losing weight?

About 15 percent of the USA's population have got the label 'highly hypnotizable', while 10 to 15 percent can't be hypnotized at all. In between this measurement is where the majority of 70 to 75 percent might be eligible for hypnosis more or less. Just so that you are aware that hypnosis doesn't work for all of us.

The experts disagree regarding which extent hypnosis by itself can provide a sustainable weight loss. What most experts seem to agree upon, however, is that hypnosis can make a contribution to weight loss for many people if it is combined with healthy diets and workout. Whether or not hypnosis can help you lose weight can only be answered if you try it, either by contacting an hypnosis therapist or trying out a good self hypnosis program that you can find online. There are some success stories about hypnosis and weight loss. A friend of mine, who had been overweight since he was a child and had entered all thinkable weight loss programs and remedies just to experience an endless weight roller-coaster trip, lost - believe it or not - almost 100 pounds with hypnosis. And he was very skeptical initially. So it might be worth a trial for you as well.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and Sociologist who runs He writes about self help issues like hypnosis and other self improvement techniques, see as well as relationship building, see

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