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IMGCA Article - The Mental Game of Weight Control


The Language of Weight Control

Patricia Zelkovsky

I would guess you are familiar with the video recorder and I am sure you've had to enlist the help of a small child to help you program it so you can record your favorite soap opera. Do you remember all the numbers and dates you had to enter in order to make the program work?

The computer you are reading this on has a program behind it - this webpage has code behind it that tells the computer how to display the words in a meaningful format.

Do you know, that just as you can program a VCR or a webpage, so you can program yourself?

Did you know that you are doing this all the time every single day and you are probably not aware of it!

And did you know that probably 80-90% of this programming is negative?

When you talk to yourself you are programming your sub-conscious mind. So if you look in the mirror and say, "Wow I look fat" your sub-conscious mind says, "I'm fat - must make sure it happens".

Your sub-conscious mind is incredibly powerful yet so few people ever really bother to access its abilities. In fact most people are happy to let it run riot and cause chaos!

Here's another of my favorites for you. You will, I bet, frequently say to people "I'm trying to lose weight" but do you actually know what it means?

Let's start by looking at the word try as in trying in the above sentence. You know the dictionary definition of try, but what does it really mean?

Try means that you will give it a go, put a bit of effort in to it, but you won't give it your all because you don't really want to achieve it. And the nice thing for you is that you can tell everyone you tried afterwards and enjoy their sympathy when it didn't work.

Try basically means you are HAPPY TO FAIL!

Now let's look at the last two words in that sentence, "lose weight".

What would you do if you lost your car keys? Think about it what would you do?

You would find them again, wouldn't you?

Whenever you say lose, it is implicit in the word that you are going to find it again. So when you say "lose weight" you are telling your sub-conscious "I want to shed a bit of weight and then find it again sometime in the future please." And guess what? Your sub-conscious obliges!

So how do we improve that sentence?

If you had an old sofa you no longer wanted, you wouldn't try to lose it would you?

What would you do?

You would GET RID OF it, wouldn't you? You don't want to find your old sofa turning back up on your doorstep in six months time and asking if you missed it? Or worse still, turning up with a matching chair and pouf too?

So now let's rephrase our original sentence (I am trying to lose weight) into something that will program your sub-conscious for success.

"I am getting rid of weight."

Say it to yourself now - how does it feel?

This simple change in language may sound childish and ridiculous, but do it and notice the difference - just this tiny change can make a massive difference in your weight loss program.

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