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Golf Psychology Testimonials For Bill Cole

"Adam ended up in the winner's circle at a number of junior tournaments, including the San Francisco City Junior, a match-play tournament in its 81st year and boasting past winners such as Johnny Miller and Bob Rosburg. He received a 'perpetual trophy' that he gets to keep for one year and that has the names of every winner on it.

He also was the overall winner of the Charlie Culver Junior Masters in Salinas, a tournament he won back in 2007 as well. He shot five-under par for the two days and won by five.

Then, he ended his junior career by shooting his lowest competitive round ever, a 64, to win in his very last tournament, the Ray Anderson Memorial at Spring Valley in Milpitas!

Most importantly, his attitude and on-course behavior seemed to improve considerably this past year. As for school, he decided to attend Cal State San Marcos, a small school in North San Diego County where he's playing on the men's golf team.

Adam Loran, competitor in Junior World Golf Championships  

So... I just wanted to say 'thank you' for all of your efforts in helping him grow and mature as a player and person.

The sheet that you had him fill out in one of his very first sessions, the one about what is in your control and what isn't, is still pinned up on his wall above his trophies. Next to it are two signs that he created; one reads 'Golf is a game of misses' and the other reads 'The most important shot in golf is the next one.'...

In summary, thanks for your coaching, wisdom, perseverance and friendship over the past several years. I'm sure your efforts paid off and had a lasting effect on his development as a player and a person."
Mitch Loran
Father of college golfer Adam Loran

Adam Loran
Two-time competitor in the Junior World Golf Championships
Golf Team Member, Cal State San Marcos

Golfer Kat Delen-Briones  

"I want to thank Bill for this wonderful experience. I learned a lot about my mental game. He helped me with a lot of tips. Now I know how to center and relax when under pressure of a tournament. I'll keep on practicing what he taught me, and I want to thank him."
Kat Delen-Briones
Nationally-ranked Women's Golf Team
San Jose State University

Kat Delen-Briones was the top junior golfer from the Philippines, played in two Junior World Golf Championships, and is also competing on the nationally-ranked NCAA Division I San Jose State University Women's Golf Team. She wants to win more tournaments and then turn pro.

Golfer Jody Ho  

"Bill has helped me so much with my mental game. All players have mental issues. We're out here for six hours and it's very difficult to stay positive, especially in a golf tournament where there is so much pressure. Bill has given me many tips I can take out to the driving range, the course and tournaments. It's been really beneficial."
Jody Ho
Nationally-ranked Women's Golf Team
San Jose State University

Jody Ho was a high school golf star who is competing on the nationally-ranked NCAA Division I San Jose State University Women's Golf Team. She is making her mark at the collegiate level and wants to turn pro.

Ing. Radek Sefcik  

"The IMGCA Golf Certification Program is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to become proficient in teaching and coaching the mental aspects of golf. The content is practical, deep and comprehensive. The program is highly organized and logical to follow. I've discovered many pragmatic insights and approaches I can use with golfers of all levels. Check it out!"

Ing. Radek Sefcik
Level IV IMGCA Certified Mental Game Professional Coach (CMGPC)
IMGCA Advisory Board Member
IMGCA Certified Tennis Psychology Coach (CTPC)
IMGCA Certified Golf Psychology Coach (CGPC)

"While playing high level competitions week in and week out, I found myself in need of help to develop a solid mental routine before, during and after my golf tournaments. Mr. Bill Cole has given me a great start on this journey.

I have only been working with Mr. Cole for a short period of time and I have seen immediate improvement in my mental game. We have worked on how to be more systematic in my preparation, and how to commit to sticking with my routine in my round. He has an ability to catch important points and sum up my performance in a very positive and helpful way. His notes are also very helpful to help me track my improvement.

I would highly recommend Mr. Bill Cole to athletes who want to improve their mental game."
Angel Sze
Professional golfer
Winner, Women's International 4-Ball Tournament

"It was great!"
Ollie Becker, General Manager, American Golf Corporation
Hercules, California

"Bill is a no-nonsense speaker who delivers clear mental game of golf ideas in a usable format.
Kathy Wiggans
Atherton, California

"Bill gave us tips and techniques for getting out of your own way in golf."
Dan Fishback
San Carlos, California

"I enjoyed the mental game of golf presentation!"
Donald MacMillan
Los Altos, California

"Bill runs a good seminar using psychological techniques to focus on being a better golfer, athlete and person. He taught us how to mentally bring yourself into a calmer state thus being able to get into a good mental zone."
L.B. Fishback
San Carlos, California

"Bill Cole is a business-golf authority in peak performance, especially in selling and in golf."
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce

Peak Performance Testimonials For Bill Cole From Around The World

"Bill Cole is a pioneer in performance psychology."
USA Today

Bill Cole is a leading Olympic sports psychologist."
British Broadcasting Corporation (The BBC)

"Bill Cole is a world-leading authority on sports psychology."
New Idea Magazine, Coleman-Rayner, LLC

"Bill Cole is a leading author on sports psychology."
Yahoo! Sports

"Performance psychology consultant Bill Cole has counseled many of the world's top athletes and knows how to combat stress and anxiety."
Forbes Magazine

"Bill Cole is a renowned sports psychologist and 'mental game coach' who helps athletes cope with the demands of intense competition."
CNET Magazine

"Bill Cole is one of the world's leading sports psychologists who has coached teams and individuals in over 85 sports in multiple countries, including US National dirt track champion Chris Carr."
MCN Sport, the leading motorcycle racing magazine

"Bill Cole is a nationally recognized expert on the mindset of athletes and successful nonathletes."
In the book Growing Up Gronk: A Family's Story of Raising Champions, by author Jeff Schober

"A world-renowned peak performance coach."

Sport Psychology Testimonials For Bill Cole

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