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The International Mental Game Coaching Association

Exclusive Mental Game Video Library For IMGCA Certification Students and Graduates

The IMGCA has compiled the world's largest collection of mental game videos, with links to over 450 videos that teach, describe and embrace the mental approach to learning, practicing and performing, in over thirty categories. This library is for the exclusive use of IMGCA certification students and graduates.

A smaller collection of mental game videos is available to all IMGCA members. In addition a few of these videos are available to the general public, on our Video Resources page.

These videos show many of the top mental game experts in the world, and experts in other areas speaking about critical issues that impact what we do as mental game coaches. We continue to search the web extensively for high quality mental game videos, and place them into handy categories so our certification students and graduates can easily find them, view them and come back to them again and again. We are continually updating this collection of videos. We want to make these videos an indispensable part of the mental game training library of our certification students and graduates.

There are thousands upon thousands of mental game videos on the web that would take endless hours to find and review for quality and usefulness. We have saved our students and graduates the time and difficulty of finding these specialized mental game videos, reviewing them for quality, and archiving them for future use.

Topics in the IMGCA Mental Game Video Collection

Sports Psychology / The Mental Game
The Mental Game Of Air Racing
The Alexander Technique
The Mental Game Of Archery
The Mental Game Of Auto Racing
The Mental Game Of Baseball And Softball
The Mental Game Of Basketball
The Mental Game Of Billiards
The Mental Game Of Bowling
The Mental Game Of Boxing
The Mental Game Of Business
Championship Thinking
The Mental Game Of Coaching
The Mental Game Of Cricket
The Mental Game Of Fitness
The Mental Game Of Football
The Mental Game Of Golf
The Mental Game Of Gymnastics
The Mental Game Of Hockey
The Inner Game
The Mental Game Of Lacrosse
The Mental Game Of Martial Arts
The Mental Game Of Meditation
Mental Toughness
Mental Training
The Mental Game Of Mind-Body Disciplines
The Mental Game Of Music
The Mental Game Of Running
The Mental Game Of Selling
The Mental Game Of Shooting
The Mental Game Of Skiing
The Mental Game Of Soccer
The Mental Game Of Speaking And Presentations
Sport And Society
Sports Hypnosis
The Mental Game Of Squash
Stress Management
The Mental Game Of Swimming And Diving
The Mental Game Of Tennis
The Mental Game Of Visualization
The Mental Game Of Volleyball
The Mental Game Of Wrestling
The Mental Game Of Yoga
The Zone

Sample Mental Game Video Links

To get an idea of the types of mental game videos that will be available to you if you sign up for certification, see our public Video Resources page for a few of the videos that are available in the Certification Video Library.

Learn more about IMGCA Certification, or fill out the Application Form to enroll in the program.

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